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During 10 years of activity, IKAPOL has achieved
          an advanced level of complexity of its services
          in the fi eld of design and production of
          warehouses (containers / facilities) for storing
          chemical substances, including fl ammable,
          explosive, aggressive to the environment and
          people. At the moment, we have production
          capacity and permits to make all types of
          warehouses/containers, racks, boxes and other
          objects related to the ground.

          IKAPOL employs specialists in the fi eld of
          ventilation, air conditioning and electrical
          connections. Their task is not only to assemble,
          but also to select devices that meet the
          storage conditions. We have full control here,
          we choose the best devices with a guarantee
          of work stability. When storing hazardous
          substances whose vapors and dust create an
          explosive mixture with air, it is necessary to use
          explosion-proof (EX) devices in accordance
          with ATEX and intended for the given explosion
          hazard zone.

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